Environmentally Friendly products

Our focus is to design merchandise tailored to you or your event. Medals & Ribbons is a major part of our work and we try and reduce plastic waste where possible and offer this option to our customers when packaging our products.

We use traditional materials for our products and also offer, sustainable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials when designing such as, wood, cotton & bamboo. We also focus on recycled plastic products.



Events, Series, Business and Occasion Medals.

We have a huge range of materials and finishes available, please contact us with your requirements and we would be happy to help.



Wristbands, Ribbons, Lanyards, Entry Passes and Entry Wristbands.

We use a wide range of sustainable and eco friendly materials, please contact us for more information and prices.



Trophies, Awards Sets, Recognition Awards, Presentation Coins, Challenge & Achievement Coins.

Bespoke designs and finishes available, get in touch for more info.



Drinks Coasters, Bar Mats, Rubber Drinks Coasters and Rubber Bar Runners.

Bespoke designs and sustainable material options available, get in touch for more info.


Keyrings & Magnets

Keyrings, Pens, Magnets, Badges and Embroidery Patches.

Bespoke designs and a wide range of finishes and materials available. 

Cufflinks & tiebars image

Cufflinks & Tie Bars

Lapel Pins, Cufflinks and Tie Bars.

Great for bespoke gifts and favours. Speak to us about your ideas and we can create bespoke designs. 


Stickers & Signs

Custom Labels, Stickers, Custom Signs and Graphics

Design service available. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


3D Printing

We can create almost any designs and prototypes using 3D printing methods.

Speak to us about 3D Printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Questions

Learn more about the products, events and merchandise that bring communities together.

01. Is there a minimum order?

To get the best value for money on products we generally say a minimum order of 50 units. However, certain products under quantities of 50 carry a premium so as they can be ordered the price maybe higher.

02. Is there a maximum order quantity?

There is not a maximum order quantity however please be aware that for high order volumes the lead times may increase.

03. Can I use my own artwork?

Yes, certainly. There is an upload link for artwork on the contact page.

04. What size medals can I have?

We recommend no smaller than a diameter of 45mm. You can have any size or custom shape that you like. Popular medal sizes are, Ø50 , Ø60 & Ø70mm.

05. What size ribbons can I use?

You can use any of the following widths, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm.

06. How fast will I receive my products?

We generally say 2 to 3 weeks from date of approved artwork. Large orders can take up to 3 to 4 weeks for production.

07. Can we reuse surplus left over medals?

t-matz offers an up cycling ‘re-ribboning’ service. We generally advise, when designing new medals that you keep the date off the medal and show it on the ribbon instead. This allows any surplus medals to be re-ribboned the following year. We can re-ribbon your existing medals from previous suppliers.

08. My event is a charity event. Can I use the charity logo on the ribbons?

All images, logos & text styles, to include copyrighted material, are property of their respective owners. When we receive imagery or instructions from you that includes registered trademarks, copyrighted material, registered trademark logos, Slogans and Text, you certify and warrant to us that you have the legal right or have obtained a legal and binding license agreement to use and/or reproduce such trademarked or copyrighted material.

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